We’ve spent a lot of time in traditional firms working with every type of business—from small start-ups to multinational corporations. We learned how the best attorneys in the country practice law and then we turned the traditional, big-firm model on its head to make it work better for everyone.  Our clients’ growth is our priority. We have a passion for transforming their businesses into successful companies they love with a foundation for long-term profitability.

Our Mission.

To create the “new law firm” supporting entrepreneurs and CEOs nationally in their exponential growth by acting as a trusted business and legal partner.


We promise to deliver on the kind of high quality service we claim. Though we cannot guarantee outcomes of cases, we can promise you will be satisfied with our services. If you are not satisfied with the services at Vero Law, let us know and we will resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Core Values


Everyone at our firm, no matter what capacity, is passionate about what they do. They care deeply about their success and the success of the firm. We work in an enthusiastic and inspired environment, and we serve you from that perspective.


Our firm delivers the highest quality legal work, which is built on a foundation of service and excellence. Whether it is truly understanding your business, making all interactions highly personable and enjoyable, or being highly responsive—we expect excellence from everyone at Vero Law Group because we understand how important your business is to you.

Thriving on Corporate and Personal Change

Change is a necessary part of growth. We encourage our people to embrace the opportunity that comes with change.


Our employees at Vero Law strive to find new ways to build our firm and better interact with you and your business. Innovating our own firm helps make your experience with us better.


Our promise is that we are completely honest with each other and all of our clients. We discuss any issues directly and respectfully.


We believe in taking 100% responsibility for our actions, and therefore our results.