Vero Law Group is a firm where attorney and client interests are aligned, where clients receive high quality legal services at reasonable rates and most importantly, where each attorney works for client success. We strive to create a unique and outstanding experience for our clients.

We asked some of our clients to describe their experiences with Vero Law Group – here is what they had to say.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “She’s a mentor for us. I can’t imagine making some of these high level executive decisions without her.”

    Ronnie Exley, CEOAqua Connect, Inc.
  • “She’s got my back. My only regret in retaining Jessica Olmon as my attorney is that I didn't do it sooner. She reviewed my contracts, and upgraded them custom to my business, so I am better protected, and agreements with my clients are clearer and easier to enforce…I love the way Jessica's program is set up, so I am encouraged to reach out to her BEFORE I NEED her…the piece of mind that this gives me is priceless. Jessica's expertise in the field of coaching and consulting also is invaluable. I've had attorneys in the past who just didn't get my business. Jessica gets it, and she gets me. I am so grateful to have her!”

    Robin Colucci, FounderGet Published Coach
  • “Because she took the time to get to know me, she was able to assess, diagnose and remedy something I lacked in my business and with a simple adjustment revolutionized my world.  Yes, revolutionized.”

    Chris Woodward, CEOMasterclass Marketing
  • "Fantastic. What a delight: an attorney who is smart, understands small businesses, is flexible, has lots of experience--and has a sense of humor! I hired her to make some changes in business contracts that sounded too "legalese" and were scaring off clients. She changed them into a consumer-friendly version that still provided me the protection I needed. Wonderful to work with!"

    Joanna Smith, Founder & CEOHealthcare Liaison
  • "She takes some of the highest level principles in business, and even in life, and she applies them rigorously to herself…and then she has the courage to pay it forward and believe in her clients to do the same thing and apply those rigorous levels to get the same results."

    Jennifer Burnham-Grubs, CEOQuantum Insurance Services
  • "She looks at the company and tries to figure out how to make you bulletproof."

    Jim Beeton, Co-CEOGI Logic, Inc.
  • "Best attorney ever! Three cheers for my awesome business attorney, Jessica Olmon! Jessica is extremely talented, thorough and knowledgeable about so many aspects of business. Her expertise isn’t only limited to legal counsel and this is what makes her so valuable to me…She really has her clients’ best interests at heart and does everything she can to help bolster you up! I’m confident about my business dealings because I know that I have her in my corner. I highly recommend Jessica to those who need a strong attorney and more importantly, a strong business ally!"

    Roxanne CarnePersonal Stylist

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